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On-site Luxury makeup services 

We understand the modern, on the go woman doesn't have time to run from one appointment to the next to maintain their appearance, practice self care, or get ready for life's special events. We believe that you shouldn't have to! 

Our team of expert artists and stylists are vetted, trained and curated to ensure that you receive a beauty experience like no other. We love our loyal clients, and aim to build a relationship between our talented staff and repeat customers to make sure you're working with a glam squad you can trust! 

The essence of a makeup artists job is enhancing beauty. Regardless of your age, younger looking skin is what many of us seek. Here you will see examples of our makeup work for commercial clients, beauty brands, fashion magazines and advertising campaigns where the model's face and skin is the feature. It's all about fresh, healthy, youthful skin.

Our mission is to help you to refresh your look, rekindle your love for makeup, find yourself again, perhaps inspire a new interest in makeup... with simple, practical yet effective tips, tricks, and insider secrets to nailing your look fast.

Because all of our services are on location, it allows for our artists to provide an exceptional service without distractions, in the privacy & comfort of your own home, hotel, bridal suite, office, or anywhere else you’d like us to meet you. As a team, we value the importance of creating a personal connection with our clients, and listening to their needs so that we can work together to create a look that makes you feel both beautiful and confident!

Our vision as a company is to take the luxury experience of getting pampered at a salon, combined with the relationships and trust that celebrities have with their go-to glam squad, and create an unforgettable experience that is accessible to the everyday woman in The Netherlands and throughout Europe.

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