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Within my long-term career being a beauty expert and well known published makeup artist.

My  passion lies in Luxury High End Service, And our service goes beyond!

My team and I cater to the needs of High End clients.

Our High End Service is for the woman and men running out of time and/or knowledge? Or for woman and men that want an independent and honest view on what to buy.

Buying beauty products don't have to be challenging, we do that for you!

With new launches landing on our doorstep daily, and a makeup wardrobe full of curated and classic favorites we can tell you exactly  what is missing from your makeup wardrobe and what specific colors work best for you!

We can get our hands on exclusives worldwide and also work with recommended high end suppliers  for that ultimate gifting service.

As an expert I  also devote time to help other artists achieve their creative goals and I direct the makeup teams for clients on live events and fashion shows.

This page mainly includes past commercial, editorial, fashion & beauty ad campaign work. Please inquire for brand training, masterclasses or if you need a creative director for your beauty campaign. 

We can't wait to hear from you.mission is to connect our clients with our team of talented beauty professionals to provide luxury on site beauty services while elevating your beauty and confidence. Serving Northeast Ohio and beyond. 

Thank you to all of our loyal clients to date and for all of those yet to come!

Malika & Team,

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