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Exclusive Services for High End clients

Any High End- Private client has the opportunity to be glammed up by the very best artists for their own special events or to attend official gatherings, shows, etc.

Together with published hair stylists, stylists, photographers and makeup artists from across Europe. We create the best service and serve the best looks at home, in the studio, press events, large events and hotels. Our team is well spread throughout Europe and we can book and link you to any of our professional within the 24 hours. 

Sought globally by brands, influencers and brides, for amazing and intimate bespoke services. We work with a trusted team of highly-skilled hairstylists and makeup artists to provide you with a unique, tailored made experience for your most important events. Malika will choose the best talents according to your timing, style, theme, and type of service for your events, wedding and even during vacations.

Coordinate your artists schedules, book their train/flights and organize every travel related details.
Tell her what you need and she takes care of the rest!

This service is available allover Europe. 

Book your team by sending a e-mail to

Signature looks

The iconic look I’m personally known for is fresh and dewy skin, and my signature soft glam looks with mink lashes many of my clients are drawn to. My approach to makeup has always been “less is more,” but with an editorial spin. To me, this means ensuring they appear beautifully made-up but natural under a high-definition photography lens, as well as not overly made when they’re working a crowd and mingling in person. 

We also create unique personal makeup looks for influencers or clients with matching characters not limited to creating looks with stylists.

Stylists chooses the looks and makeup looks will match the outfits. 


Premium products only

When it comes to working with High-end clients, we work with premium products only and collaborate with leading beauty brands to achieve the goal of making our clients the best version of themselves. We use high-quality, long-lasting, and humidity-tested products, suitable for all skintypes, this helps lock in the perfect look from the aisle to the afterparty, from first shoot location to the last, in rain or shine, shoppingsprees, live-events, during beach vacations and through happy tears and endless photos and creating content. 

Brands we love and use: La mer, La Prairie, Victoria Beckham Beauty, Westman Atelier, Guerlain to name a few.

You'll receive a full size gift, every time we meet.


VIP shopping service

Let us introduce you to a luxurious and exclusive world. We offer a unique experience with made - to  - measure makeup services. 

We have experience with many luxury brands, we can get our hands on the best and exclusive beauty products. We make sure you will enjoy a VIP experience delivered to your home, hotel and ready before you leave with your private jet.

This VIP Shopping on remote service is currently available in Brussels, Paris, Nice and Dusseldorf.



Our service comes with the importance of integrity and privacy. It's like a verbal NDA.

We do sign a NDA! If Client wishes. 

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